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The time of “Sex and the city” or “Gossip Girl” has gone, so I wondered once – what movies or series now can show our new life? I know, now we have absolutely another affairs and interests than Carrie twenty years ago: Mr. Big and Manolo Blahnik shoes do not occupy our thoughts. We are thinking about our independence, realization, talents, and abilities. It is not the same as a career, it is much more. And yes, we still do need men in our lives, not to thinking and talking about relationships with them, but to be happy together in a healthy partnership. Finally, I found out three amazing series, which, no doubt, girls will love.

The HBO series “Big Little Lies” created after the novel by Liane Moriarty (2017)

Stylish, funny, brave – that is how I can describe it in three words. You know, women’s life is not only unicorns, playing on the grass. It is positively full of good and bad days, emotion deal with kids, friends, and husbands, sometimes life awfully hurts with violence and sexual abuse, sometimes life makes dreams come true. Anyway, I’ve seen all episodes of this series in only one day, because I couldn’t stop. The cast is full of stars: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoe Kravitz on leading roles. This story begins from an announcement of strange murder, and this is absolutely amazing, furthermore, it is impossible to understand to the last minutes of what was going wrong, what has happened and who is a victim, oh, seriously! Throughout episodes we get to know the darkest secrets of characters, however, almost everyone in the story is good, nice and really cute. Generally, the series is awesome. I recommend it.

The Amazon series “Marvellous Mrs.Maisel” (2017)

Imagine, once you are in New York, in the late Fifties, become a single mother, but you have absolutely unusual talent to be a comedian. Woman! In the late Fifties! A comedian! Unbelievable. The first impression was: “That girl is perfect!”. The second impression was the same, with only one difference: “OMG, she is smart and funny yet”. The third: “I want to be that girl!”. Anyway, the story is about following the dream, about real success depends on the talent, about friendship, about some complicated things, which happens in our lives and about “girl power”. And moreover, I absolutely delighted with her outfits, they are pieces of art itself. I am glad to let you know that Amazon is producing two more seasons of the series – and I’m waiting for it too.

The series “Two broke girls” (2011-2017)

The smart and witty series about two girls from different worlds, who mustn’t ever become friends, but they are. Now they live together in Brooklyn, work hard and dream about small pastry-shop over there. I fond of them because of faithfulness, resourcefulness, and strength. Fun fact: on their backyard lives a horse. Yes, in Brooklyn. And they do everything possible just for dreams come true. They face problems every day but get through them, like we are, in real life, so this show is a great inspiration for girls of our time.

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